Toughing it out for a draw

After over a month, finally the Tigers were back in action and ready to roar.  There was some bite in their play when competitive football returned to the halterworth playing fields on a Saturday morning. 

Saturday’s visitors were title chasing Fordingbridge U10s and they looked every bit worthy of their lofty position in the table. 

After a month of rain, sleet and snow Halterworth playing fields was looking and playing a bit heavy and the football became a little tougher in the mud.  Suring up the midfield, emboding the tougher feel of the game and driving the first half along was Will Hoggath.  Alongside him in the middle of the park Finley and Rob Sills provided support and attacking prowess to Adam the lone striker in the 2-3-1 formation that is becoming a hallmark of tigers play.  Defensive strength and the occasionally extra support upfront came from Lewis and Nick Comer.  Between the posts and providing the final line of defense was Rob Comer.  On more than one occasion during the game Rob showed how his goalkeeping skills have developed over the season particularly when in one on one situations.  Twice in the game he stood up tall denying Fordingbridge.

The first half ebbed and flowed with the play equally balanced in both halves.  Nick Comer broke the deadlock with a characteristic foray forward from the back, his brother Rob kept the Tigers ahead at the end of the first half with a super save from close range.

After battling his way through the first half providing chances for Rob, Finley and Adam, Will Hoggath gave way to Scott to take over that role of disrupting fordingbridges midfield and providing forward momentum. 

Intricate forward play from the front men promised a second goal which sadly for Tigers never materialised and with Fordingbridge threatening on goal, the game seemed destined to be a draw.

Despite Rob’s valiant efforts in goal the sustained pressure from the Bridge in the second half eventually paid dividends who with one decisive pass managed to turn Tigers defence and broke through to score in the bottom corner.  The goal had been coming throughout the second half and the scoreline was a fair result reflecting how both teams played.


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